Excellence in Freight Sales Management through Association Memberships

Tap into excellence in freight sales management through Select Carriers’ association memberships

We are committed to excellence in freight sales management by developing creative freight shipping solutions for our client’s individual, customized needs.  Our association memberships provide us with unique opportunities to develop our freight sales management services and capabilities.  Well-developed freight sales management capabilities help us keep our carriers on the cutting-edge of delivering an efficient, reliable network.  It also means we are better able to enhance our freight shipping programs, elevating shippers to “Shippers of Choice” in the eyes of the carriers who work with them.

How our Association Memberships enhance our freight sales management performance

Association memberships play an important role in our team’s performance in the area of freight sales management.  Here’s how:

  • Access to a diverse array of partners & vendors across the freight shipping marketplace:  When our team attends association events, engages in association networking groups and gets to know other association members, we act as a ‘connector’ between our carrier clients and a wide array of potential partners and vendors that they can do business with in the future. We extend our newfound relationships for the benefit of carriers and shippers alike who work with us.
  • Education, training, and resources for best practices in freight sales managementOur team of freight shipping experts at Select Carriers gains access to a variety of educational resources, such as instruction sessions, case study sessions, workshops, webinars and panel discussions, that share best practices for both freight shipping overall, as well as for the discipline of freight sales management.  This helps us be more well-rounded professionally, and apply that knowledge to our client operations.
  • Increased brand awareness and recognition as a leader in the freight shipping marketplace.  When Select Carriers participates in associations and exercises all of the features and inclusions our membership packages contain, we are effectively raising the brand awareness of not only our company, but also that of our clients who often join us in participating.  It raises our prestige and that of our clients, as an active contributor to the advancement of the freight shipping marketplace.

Advancing the Freight Shipping Marketplace through participation in these notable Transportation Industry Associations

The Global Cold Chain Alliance’s vision is to forge a universally strong cold chain where every product retains quality and safety throughout each link.  Select Carriers works with a variety of refrigerated transportation carriers who are also members of GCCA.  In 2019, Select Carriers sponsored the GCCA _____, effectively reaching ____ carriers to educate them on best practices in ______ Access our listing in the GCCA member directory at ______.

The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association is the only non-profit association of its kind that caters exclusively to sales and marketing professionals in the transportation and logistics industry.  As such, it is an excellent resource for freight sales management training and program development.  It is also an excellent channel to network with partners and vendors who provide sales and marketing-related solutions for CRM, digital marketing, social media sales and more.  Jeff Miller, VP of Sales and Marketing at Select Carriers, Inc., was recognized as TMSA’s 2017 Sales Executive of the Year.  Jeff continues to actively advocate and support TMSA programming and events in many different ways.

The California Trucking Association, founded in 1934, is the largest trucking association in the state of California. The CTA dedicates itself to the advancement of transportation business development and long-term sustainable success. Members of the CTA are given access to many resources to help them strengthen their business such as networking, education/training, and price discounts. The CTA also provides legislative representation to help protect the interests of its members and give them voice in the government.


The Colorado Motor Carriers Association was founded to unite the trucking business in Colorado. The CMCA gives members a chance to take training classes (it has more than 50 per year), has programs to help businesses save money, and provides a space for issues in the trucking industry to be posted. All of these member-only benefits provided by the CMCA are aimed at bringing together the industry and promoting transportation business development. 


The mission of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association is to make the State of Georgia a leader in the nation’s trucking industry. The GMTA is the only organization in Georgia that provides the trucking industry service and representation full-time. It serves as a voice for the trucking industry by representing companies such as freight shippers, freight sales agencies, and other affiliate members.

The Minnesota Trucking Association has been a voice for freight shipping since 1932. The association provides numerous benefits for its members, such as lobbying efforts, education, and development programs. Members of the MTA are also given full access to wide network of other businesses, which has been crucial to advancing communication and growth within the freight shipping industry in Minnesota.

The New Jersey Motor Truck Association is the voice of trucking in the State of New Jersey. The NJMTA provides lobbying in federal and state legislatures and a voice in the media for its members. It stands not just for its members when it comes to trucking, but for the whole economy of the state. Trucking is vital to New Jersey’s economy, so to the NJMTA, a freight shipping issue is an issue for all businesses and institutions in the state.

The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association pushes to strengthen the trucking industry in Pennsylvania. With connections to elected officials in Harrisburg and Washington D.C., the association gives freight shipping companies a voice when it comes to regulatory and legislative issues in their industry. The PMTA also provides direct benefits such as education and awareness programs, news and trends regarding the industry, and price discounts for businesses.

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association has been dedicated to advancing the dairy-deli-bakery industry since 1964. It is an essential resource to the industry for information and services. The IDDBA also has an online platform that allows members to connect with each other and spread their business. It also helps unemployed workers in the industry find job openings. The IDDBA provides a multitude of resources to help those in the industry grow their business. 

Our goal as active members in these organizations is to ultimately strengthen our knowledge of the transportation and logistics industry through education, relationships and resources.  Attending annual conferences, tradeshows, webinars, and local events positions us to be your industry experts for all of your freight shipping and freight sales management needs.

Are you interested in getting more involved in Associations that will improve your freight shipping and freight sales management practices?  If so, we’d love to connect with you!  Contact us today.