Strategic Sales Management

When transportation providers and carriers turn to Select Carriers to aid their sales efforts, they find a strategic freight sales management partner that enables them to build long-term relationships with new, high-volume shippers.  

If you’re a carrier, could you be:

  • Trying to fill empty miles in key geographies or lanes, but lack relationships with shippers in those locales?
  • Wasting too much time on freight shipping by chasing shippers whose freight, ultimately, doesn’t match your fleet availability?
  • Depending too much on brokered freight that lacks consistency in volume or rates?

At Select Carriers, we help you combat these challenges by building and maintaining direct, enduring relationships with shippers of choice.  We perform a deep analysis of your fleet, capacity and performance profile, and then ‘match’ shippers’ freight accordingly.   Best of all, we are not a broker.  We stay engaged in the mutual success of the relationship between you and your shipper clients.

That means we help you:

Transportation Sales
Extend Your Sales Reach
  • Tap into our national network of shippers
  • Secure and maintain shipper-client relationships long-term through our freight shipping expertise
  • Better qualify sales opportunities to ‘match’ your fleet availability
  • Forego the risks associated with new salespeople (ie. training costs, increased overheads, turnover, poor performance)
  • Get predictable, transparent, commission-based costs for new sales generated
Fleet Utilization
Get Better Fleet Utilization
  • Identify shippers with significant, consistent freight volumes
  • Network ‘match’ between your available capacity and shipper needs
  • Focus on long-term utilization, rate negotiations and profitability
  • Cutting-edge technology partnerships for telematics, optimization and profitability
  • Assistance with pricing, market analytics and RFP management
  • Diversity and mix of freight across all modes such as TL, LTL, etc.
Carrier Services Select Carriers
Keep Your Drivers Happy
  • Stabilize working hours and pay from consistent routes with ongoing shipper relationships
  • Profile and qualify ‘driver-friendly’ freight available from shippers
  • Secure fleet technology that helps your drivers meet and comply with regulations
  • Build a trustworthy, reliable reputation with drivers and shippers

New Resources

Tap into new resources for managing compliance and regulations.

Download guides, white papers and more courtesy of the Global Cold Chain Alliance.

Transportation Carriers
Qualified Sales Opportunities

From the type of equipment in your fleet to your fleet’s geographical footprint, we bring you shippers’ freight to match.

“Win-Win” Client Relationships

We forge long-term relationships with shippers, putting honesty, integrity, fairness and respect at the center of even the toughest negotiations.

Decades of Experience

Unlike the latest rookie salesperson, we bring decades of transportation industry experience to every relationship.

Ready to take your performance to the next level?

Select Carriers recommends TCA’s inGauge™ Benchmarking Service to help you.

inGauge™ anonymously ranks fleet performance based on Essential Performance Indicators (EPIs), helping participating carriers focus their efforts on the areas of their business that will drive profitability, efficiency and risk mitigation.  Unlike sources that are outdated and contain irrelevant data, inGauge™ has been strategically designed by trucking industry veterans to aggregate real-time operational and financial data.  The resulting EPIs help you set internal goals and measure performance on a regular basis.

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