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Select Carriers, Inc. is a Strategic Freight Sales Management firm for transportation carriers, enabling them to develop direct, enduring relationships with major shippers. We make the ideal match between a carrier’s available capacity and shippers’ transportation needs through a careful, transparent and formal assessment of each party’s capabilities and needs. From a shipper’s perspective, our decades of experience bringing excellent asset-based carriers into their network means they have an efficient source for qualifying and securing providers, which in some cases, eliminates their burden for vetting providers altogether.

Our ultimate goal is to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between reputable, high-quality carriers and our freight shipping clients.

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Vision & Mission

linking shippers and carriers

Select Carriers bridges the gap between transportation firms and corporate shippers by aligning carrier capabilities with shipper needs to ensure enduring, high-quality relationships and dependable, cost-effective transportation solutions.

Excellence in Motion

Envisioning ourselves as the gateway to transportation solutions for North American shippers and premium opportunities for carriers, Select Carriers is committed to enhancing value and delivering transparent, sustainable, high-quality logistics solutions via OTR, rail and ocean.


Raymond A Dee

Father of Raymond J Dee (referred to as Ray Dee below) and grandfather to Gabe Dee, the current President of Select Carriers, Inc.

Raymond A was the first in the Dee family to get into transportation, later joined by his son who helped expand the operation and grow the family business further.

The start of the Select Carriers legacy can also, in a way, be attributed to him, as he was the one who inspired the following generations of the Dee family to visualize what Select Carriers has become today.




Ray left his role as a college professor to pursue a career in transportation, joining the company his father started. 

Ray was a young father of two when he joined the company, thinking of providing the best life he could for his family, so he focused on building the business. This led to him expanding the operation and apply his regional model into becoming a nationwide refrigerated truckload carrier.

In 1987, he sold the trucking company successfully.

The sale opened new opportunities.

Ray’s uncanny ability to connect with people and build tight relationships meant that many offers were thrown at him, mostly concerning sales positions.

He was running his own show for a while, and the idea of working for someone else was not appealing.

Ray founded Select Carriers, Inc., envisioning it as a Sales Agency for trucking services to help other companies with their sales and business development efforts. 




Gabe Dee, Ray’s son, joins the company, infusing new energy and ideas into the company.

A natural in the trucking business, Gabe took on more and more responsibility and developed the ability to connect with people and develop long-lasting relationships, much like Ray did.

Together, they expanded the business further and started looking at other potential opportunities to expand the business besides their Sales Agency.

The team created a Freight Brokerage operation, broadening the horizons of the company beyond the Sales Agency model.

Gabe ran the brokerage operation, growing it from a 3 person office to a 24 person firm with offices in New Jersey, Dallas and Denver.

The brokerage grew into a highly capable and well-organized company that met the shipping needs of many Fortune 500 clients.


The Pivot Era


Cindy Egan joins Select Carriers, Inc., becoming a vital part of the team.

Her background in the manufacturing industry and deep expertise in logistics analysis and proposal management made her invaluable in supporting various sales & marketing processes since joining the team.

Her strategic approach shines in positioning carriers’ operational capabilities in proposals for shippers’ bids, bringing a new dimension to Select services.

Jeff joined Select Carriers in the fall of 2009.

Jeff came to us with over 25 years of operational and sales experience in the truckload sector. He began his career in the trucking industry as an OTR driver in the early 80’s. This broad background has provided Jeff with a unique perspective and skill set which has served him well in creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with both his carrier and shipper clients.

Jeff had an immediate, transformative impact; within the next year he had broadened the scope and depth of Select’s Carrier Partners and Shipper Clients, and led the shift away from a brokerage-centric model to a sales & business development force.





Terry Shirley joins the Select Carriers, Inc. team, enhancing their sales capabilities.

His extensive knowledge of operational and sales-related aspects of supply chain networks made him a great addition to the Select Carriers team.

Joining the team as a long-time friend and a professional with a 20+ year long career in contract and freight lane negotiations, Terry is an expert at effectively navigating negotiations to find the “win-win” outcomes that are mutually beneficial for all.

Jen Higgins becomes part of the team to lead marketing initiatives, further strengthening the company’s presence and outreach in the industry.

Her expertise in creative design and social media paired with her analytical background made her the perfect person to spearhead Select Carriers strategic marketing efforts.




Jake Killgore joins as a Director of Sales and Business Development from Molson Coors, bringing over 20 years of combined shipper and carrier experience to the team.

Additionally, his expertise in warehousing, TMS, SAP, RFP, and transportation procurement gives him an additional perspective on both the shipper and carrier side to establish long lasting relationships where both sides trust and rely on each other.

Select Carriers, Inc. has grown to represent over 100 transportation providers throughout North America, working with dozens of Fortune 500 shippers, and continuously diversifying and expanding its client base on a regular basis.

We are the industry leader in transportation sales!

Our approach helps create direct, enduring synergies between companies that make products and those that transport them effectively.


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Select Carriers, Inc. helps transportation carriers keep their trucks on the road with freight that helps them stay profitable, active and efficient.

Our team helps with research, introductions, negotiations, pricing and other elements of securing the right long-term deal for your company.


Select Carriers, Inc. does the legwork in finding the right asset-based carrier partner for shippers of all sizes, industries and capacities.

Starting with the initial meeting and ending with a signed deal in place, our team ensures you have the right supply chain solution in place.