We are a freight sales agency, making the ideal match between a transportation provider’s available capacity and shippers’ freight needs. We provide strategic freight sales management and freight shipping through our national network of asset based carriers. Explore how our unique approach to both carriers and shippers can benefit you:

We build sustainable, mutually beneficial results for carriers and their shipper clients, established on a foundation of fairness, trust and long-term partnership. Learn More.

Transportation Sales

What Makes Us Special?

“We made it our mission to create long-term, enduring, mutually beneficial relationships between reliable transportation providers and the shippers they serve.” – Ray Dee, Founder, Select Carriers

National Carrier Network & Footprint
Value-Based Partnerships
Deep Transportation Industry Expertise
Highest Ethical Standards

Ready to forge new, more reliable partnerships?

Tap into new, improved ways to move freight. Develop meaningful, long-term relationships between shippers and carriers.  Let Select Carriers, your strategic transportation sales agency, show you how.